What is really behind procrastination?

You might be surprised that a built in self protection response that is as powerful as the fight or flight response could be to blame.

Yes that is right you have powerful self preservation response to not act! The opposite of the fight or flight response but just as powerful.

 A natural built in self preservation response that may be stopping you from getting what you want out of life.

When we have that sudden reaction to something that kicks in like the fight or flight response we can quickly calm down by observing the situation to see there is nothing to fear,

But when we experience what we call procrastination it may be a fear of success or failure.

A sudden response by your subconscious delivered to your body can cause you to not act at all until the reason your subconscious reaction is addressed by your conscious mind.

Sounds nuts doesn’t?

Well let me elaborate

As nuts as it sounds you may be protecting yourself from success, failure or both.

Now at this point it is important to understand what I am saying when I say the fear or success or the fear of failure.

The fear of success: another way of saying it is (Fear of the unknown).

Fear of failure: another way of saying it is (Fear of being a complete failure in life itself)

With your conscious mind you can know that it would be good for you to be successful and if you fail you can just try again until you get it right.

However our subconscious mind can become programmed over a lifetime from experiences we have or see other people have

This response can be misidentified and called procrastination.

The opposite of the flight or fight response, rather than making yourself ready to fight or run!! It is causing you to not act at all.

What is important to know just that just understanding that this response is to protect you until you can evaluate the situation and determine if it is safe to proceed.

Like the fight or flight response, procrastination is an instant protection response but it is not intended to persist but left misunderstood and unchecked it can go on and on.

This is a very powerful response that could stop you from doing what you know you should to succeed.

Here is why. Right now no matter how miserable your situation is you at least know what to expect,

Knowing what to expect feels safer then the unknown. Even if what you expect is not what you want.

It is a protection response that is intended to protect us, unfortunately it has been given the name procrastination so therefore we do not know what is going on and over ride it with our

Like I said it sounds crazy but what is really crazy is how easy it is to override this fear of the unknown by simply acknowledging that the response is not necessary but when we believe that it is procrastination, the fear response stays active and immobilizing you.

What is really nutty is there is another immobilizing response; it is the fear of failure.

Here is how it works, if you know deep inside that the steps you are taking are what is required for success and you do them and fail. You did not just fail, you are a failure, or at least this is the fear that is acting deep inside your subconscious that is causing you to protect yourself and the way it does this causes you to not act on the steps so that you will fail but at least you failed because you did not do what was required to succeed, so therefore you just failed but at least you are not a failure,

To fail sucks but to be a failure sucks big time.  Not acting on the steps to succeed can be precived as procrastination.

The good news is all that is needed is this understanding to shead light on what is really going on and it will simply allow your conscious mind to over ride this response and allow you to reach your goals.

It may be that there is no such thing as procrastination but rather then simply a misunderstood natural response that is hard wired into your system that is there to protect you until you can evaluate the situation. Once you do and allow your conscious mind to let your subconscious mind know it did a good job protecting you but you are safe and that there is nothing to fear.

Next time you are experiencing what you think is procrastination consider what the cause may be. And just like the fight or flight response it is a temporary knee jerk reaction to protect you just long enough for you to evaluate the situation,

Author David McKinley

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